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What is a Sales Funnel?
Sales Funnels are proven the fastest way to make your phone ring for the investment of your time and money – and it takes less of both than any other marketing.
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Step 1:  A Great Landing Page!

Specific landing pages tailored to different offers are essential for providing a quality experience for visitors and for driving quality conversions.

Landing pages require knowing the psychology of sales – everything from design, focus, color, button response, offers, and so much more.

  • Make it short and uncluttered – the path must be clear.
  • Make your case without bombardment & address their pain.
  • Limit exit points – only allow action(s) that meet your goals.
  • Tell them what to do!   Have a clear Call to Action.
  • Make it easy to do and have an awesome offer!
  • Use Video for the best engagement possible.
  • Testimonials establish your credibility, among other ways.
  • Must be mobile enabled for the 88% using phone and pad.
  • A form to capture info, which must auto update your CRM.
  • Up sales, down sales and yes, even sideways sales offers.

Step 2:  Create and run your Ads or Posts!

Ads and Posts are completely different, but both must grab their attention and use images or video.

Here is where it takes expertise to do it right, or you waste your time and money!

Sales Funnel Experts

Ads, Posts or Email Campaigns – or all 3?

  • Depends on your target market and budget!
  • Google vs Facebook vs LinkedIn vs YouTube – only your pro knows!
  • Consistency, Message, Branding, Budget, Link, Offer – and more.
  • Learn the Power of Groups – Google+, FB, Instagram, LinkedIn.
  • How to use Mastermind groups to further your message.
  • Why Video is so important to your success!  Trust, message, branding.
  • If you’re camera shy, Video from Power Point works great!
  • The right Questions get clicks!
  • Split testing, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics – all explained

Step 3: CRM – Contact Relationship Management

A CRM should capture the form information automatically, send an email auto-respond so the visitor gets what they expect immediately and have categories (by marketing campaign) so you can follow up with email campaigns using those categories.
It should handle tracking all aspects of your business from leads to sales to items!

Sales Funnel Experts

Your CRM will be the one must important decision you make in your business.

Don’t go with FREE unless you can upgrade to what your business will need!

The free ones either limit the number of contacts you can have or the number of emails you can send out.  Look for other limitations – know what to ask!

What to look for is functionality – and that depends on your business.
If you are selling product, it should handle all aspects of eCommerce.
If you are selling services with a download, you should also be able to make that process automatic and seamless.
If you schedule appointments, your CRM should do that – the goal is ONE DATABASE.
If everything you do is not integrated, you’ll pay for that one way or another, in cost or time. Remember that Time is Money!

We provide a CRM for you in our program!

Did you know?

The number of on-target emails you collect will be a large factor in determining the value of your company when you go to sell it!